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Money exchange sefina

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The official time is from 12 noon until 10pm Egyptian local time.

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We are constantly adding new payment methods

Money exchange sefina

Latest exchanges

Send Amount Receive Amount Status
Vodafone Cash EGP 1000 EGP USDT ( TRC 20 ) USDT 57.14 USDT Completed
Payeer USD 5 USD Vodafone Cash EGP 79.00 EGP Completed
Payeer USD 17.80 USD Vodafone Cash EGP 281.24 EGP Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 200 EGP Perfect Money USD 11.76 USD Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 200 EGP Perfect Money USD 11.76 USD Completed
Payeer USD 10 USD Etisalat Flous EGP 158.00 EGP Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 192.50 EGP USDT ( TRC 20 ) USDT 11.00 USDT Completed
Payeer USD 10.50 USD Vodafone Cash EGP 165.90 EGP Completed
Payeer USD 6 USD Vodafone Cash EGP 94.80 EGP Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 250 EGP Perfect Money USD 14.71 USD Completed
Money exchange sefina

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Money exchange sefina

Latest News

11 May 2021

تم اضافة بنك CIB BANK

بنك CIB BANK   يمكنك الان الايداع والسحب من بنك CIB BANK          ...

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15 April 2021

تم اضافة ايزي باي

صباح الخير علي اعضاء موقعنا الكرام وكل عام وانتم بخير تمت إضافة خدمة EasyPay للمصربين...

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13 April 2021

مواعيد العمل لشهر رمضان

مواعيد العمل الرسمية بدا من الغدا من الساعه 12 ظهرا وحتي الساعه 5 مساء وهيستمر العمل...

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Money exchange sefina

Our Reserve

Perfect Money

35089.09999999994 USD

Vodafone Cash

111724.95999999996 EGP


38473.419999999984 USD


86269.95 RUB


0.01937782 BTC

Orange money

10088.199999999997 EGP

Von Cash

30449.920000000002 EGP

Etisalat Flous

29935.749999999996 EGP

Egypt post

47441.1 EGP


2892.54 USD

Western Union

329.48 USD


10 LTC


1392.26 USD

Algerie Post

-566737.2 DZD


300 USD


300 EUR


1281.96 USD

We Pay

50000 EGP

USDT ( TRC 20 )

3915.6999999999985 USDT

easy pay

19212.059999999998 EGP


6000 DGB


3000 DOGE


49766 EGP

Money exchange sefina

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