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Money exchange sefina

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The official time is from 12 noon until 10pm Egyptian local time.

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We are constantly adding new payment methods

Money exchange sefina

Latest exchanges

Send Amount Receive Amount Status
Vodafone Cash EGP 65 EGP Payeer RUB 130.00 RUB Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 246.40 EGP Tether (TRC20) USDT 11.00 USDT Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 173 EGP Payeer USD 7.90 USD Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 481.80 EGP Perfect Money USD 22.00 USD Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 330 EGP Perfect Money USD 15.07 USD Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 699.92 EGP Perfect Money USD 31.96 USD Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 219.00 EGP Perfect Money USD 10.00 USD Completed
Vodafone Cash EGP 229.95 EGP Perfect Money USD 10.50 USD Completed
Orange money EGP 306.60 EGP Perfect Money USD 14.00 USD Completed
Von Cash EGP 65.70 EGP Perfect Money USD 3.00 USD Completed
Money exchange sefina

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Money exchange sefina

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Money exchange sefina

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02 August 2021

موقع sefina يخلي مسؤوليته عن اي تحويل يتم خارج الموقع بأسم انه من طاقم العمل لدينا

موقع sefina يخلي مسؤوليته عن اي تحويل يتم خارج الموقع بأسم انه من طاقم العمل لدينا...

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24 May 2021

توقف شراء الدولار الي حين شهر 6

صباح الخيرمرحباً أيها الإخوة الأعزاء نعتذر بشدة عما قد يسبب لك هذا الخبر من الإزعا...

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11 May 2021

تم اضافة بنك CIB BANK

بنك CIB BANK   يمكنك الان الايداع والسحب من بنك CIB BANK          ...

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Money exchange sefina

Our Reserve

Perfect Money

42051.840000000004 USD

Vodafone Cash

1856319.95 EGP


45681.140000000014 USD


11650.01999999999 RUB


1.99907113 BTC

Orange money

1097204.9899999998 EGP

Von Cash

1837841.64 EGP

Egypt post

48406.1 EGP


3176.5800000000017 USD

Western Union

14678.46 USD


6.12397477 LTC

Algerie Post

5124772.050000001 DZD


1100.19 USD


1283.7799999999997 EUR

We Pay

1500024.04 EGP

Tether (TRC20)

49098.64 USDT

easy pay

-19023.559999999998 EGP


5833.33333333 DGB


2900 DOGE


350.90000000000003 USD

CIB smart wallet

1006910.7499999999 EGP

Etisalat Cash

2031367.3099999998 EGP

alexandria wallet cash

1755999.78 EGP

QNB bank wallet

1991065.45 EGP

Egypt wallet

1692004.2899999998 EGP


2944 USD


2888.66 EUR




46905.52999999996 TRX


46657.120000000024 USD


9159.229999999998 USD


49990 EUR


49858.1 EUR


50000 EUR

Perfect Money

49990 EUR

Money exchange sefina

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