Exchange Perfect Money USD to MoneyGram USD

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 0.80 USD
Min. amount: 5 USD
Max. amount: 5000 USD

Reserve: 5000 USD
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Additional exchange rules from Perfect Money USD to MoneyGram USD:

يرجي العلم اقل شئ لتحويل 250 دولار


اقل من 250 دولار سيتم استرجع لك المال وانت من يتحمل الرسوم وقتها


يتم ارسال لكم المال خلال من يوم الي 4 ايام



Please know the least thing to transfer $ 250


Less than $ 250, the money will be returned to you, and you are the one who bears the fees at the time


The money is sent to you within 1 to 4 days